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  3SNS is a reciprocating single acting high pressure three-plunger pump, which has ability of working under high pressure with large displacement, stable performance. It is used for cement slurry conveying and pressure grouting projects. It has characteristics of working powerfully, pumping smoothly, small wear and wide range of applications. It is applicable to the dam foundation curtain grouting, slope anchor grouting, tunnel and underground engineering pile foundation, soil nailing wall hole grouting. And it’s also able to replace the mud pump for core drilling projects. 

Technical parameters
Model 3SNS
Supply power 380V 50Hz
Motor power 18.5kw
Number of plungers 3
Output 76/207L/min
Delivery pressure 12/4Mpa
Horizontal conveying distance 380m
Vertical conveying height 150m
Inlet diameter 64mm
Outlet diameter 32mm
Net weight 930kg
Dimension (L × W × H) 1800×945×705mm

Standard configuration Optional configuration
Pressure gauge seat  Mortar hose       Ø25mm/Ø32mm/Ø38mm
Vibration-proof pressure gauge Pulping machine
Double-ended wrench Storage silo
Connecting rod

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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