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  UBJ3 have compact structure and small size, with the work displacement and pressure selection, remote control function. It is applied to pressure delivery, bonding and spraying different types of mortar including bonded mortar, fiber mortar, facing mortar, interface mortar, floor mortar, fire mortar, refractory mortar, self-leveling mortar, masonry mortar, reinforced mortar, fill mortar and pouring mortar. It is used in the spraying mortar on the construction surface layer, tunnel, bridge, road traffic engineering, water conservancy engineering reinforcement, internal deep pressure grouting; applied to slope protection works, foundation pit retaining wall, embankment reinforcement, tunnel wall backfill and anchor grouting Engineering; It is used to make new kinds of sheet materials such as heat preservation, waterproof, fireproof and sound insulation.

Technical parameters
Model UBJ3
Supply power 380V 50Hz
Motor power 2.2/3.3/4kw
Output ≤3m3/h
Delivery pressure 2.0Mpa
Horizontal conveying distance 150m
Vertical conveying height 40m
Net weight 350kg
Dimension (L × W × H) 1500×800×800mm

Standard configuration Optional configuration
Mortar hose Anti-isolated hopper
Suction pipe Vibrating screen
Coupling Storage hopper
Tube clamp Remote controller
Spray gun

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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