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  BS-05-15 is used in high-rise building mortar delivery, but also for the tunnel, underground engineering support lining, the structure of the surface layer of spraying, reinforcement construction. It can achieve long-distance and high-rise delivery for pumping mortar, fine stone concrete and foam concrete. Distribution valve is advanced S pipe valve, having good sealing performance. Glasses board and floating cutting ring made of cemented carbide, have high strength wear resistance, long life, easy replacement. Cutting ring uses automatic compensation gap mechanism. It is controlled by electrical - hydraulic joint together, with a perfect electric - liquid overload protection and instrument display system; with anti - pump operation function; pumping speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of various conditions. Centralized lubrication system is controlled by the program automatically to control the start and stop and running time, so that we can effectively extend the life of the rotating parts. Electrical components protection class reaches to IP65, using PLC control, reliable, simple control lines, electrical boxes equipped with wireless remote control. The main seals are made of PARKER’s high quality seals.

Technical parameters
Model BS-05-15
Motor power 15kw
Delivery pressure 5Mpa
Output 5m3/h
Horizontal conveying distance 60m
Vertical conveying distance 15m
Maximum aggregate diameter ≤20mm
Concrete cylinder ID × stroke Φ120×300mm
Conveying pipe diameter Φ80mm
Net weight 500kg
Dimension (L × W × H) 1500×800×1300mm

Standard configuration
Reducer pipe 125A-80A×1M
Conveying steel pipe 80A×1M×2    80A×2M×2    80A×3M×32
Elbow R500 80A×900×3      R275 80A×450×2
High pressure rubber tube 80A×6M×2
Hydraulic oil Anti-wear  46#×130kg
Pipe strap   Rubber flange gasket
80A×46    125A×2

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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