Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a participating unit and main drafter of the People's Republic of China's building materials industry standard JC/T60011-2022 "Technical Regulations for Mechanical Spraying Mortar Construction", the vice president unit of China Bulk Cement Development Association, and China Cement Mortar Machinery Deputy Director of the Construction Equipment Technical Committee, Vice Chairman of the Wenzhou Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association, Municipal Pipeline and Trenchless Technology Professional Committee of the China Municipal Engineering Association.

Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of cement mortar construction machinery and equipment. Its main products are mortar delivery pumps, mortar spraying machines, and special mortar (waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosive, anti-cracking, reinforcement, thermal insulation, self-leveling mortar) spraying machine, grouting pump, planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer, concrete pump. Products are widely used in: concrete 3D printing operations, prefabricated building wall polystyrene particle insulation mortar grouting, wall panel pouring, wall mortar spray finishing, high ductility ultra-high performance concrete production, centrifugal spray construction and repair of urban municipal inspection wells, Reinforcement and repair of trenchless underground drainage pipes, box culverts and highway viaduct box girder linings, construction of artificial landscapes in theme parks, coating of tunnel linings and fireproof surface coatings of steel structures, iron and steel industry furnace linings, ladles, ladles, etc. Tundish spraying repair, wind power infrastructure grouting, curtain grouting, slope anchor grouting, road bridge tunnel grouting, pile foundation post grouting, and can also be used in geological core drilling projects instead of mud pumps.

Tracing back to its origins, Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. was one of the first batch of "Five Ones" key enterprises in Zhejiang Province. It is a well-known and influential enterprise in the mortar construction industry that manufactures mortar transportation, spraying, and grouting machinery. Wengong's mortar construction machinery and The world's leading brands keep pace with each other. It has been awarded "Satisfactory Product", "User Satisfaction Unit" and "Outstanding Contribution to Promoting the Green Bulk Cement Industry" by the Construction Machinery User Committee of China Quality Association, China Bulk Cement Development and Promotion Association, China Science and Technology Achievements Management Office, and Economic Commission of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. Unit", "National Construction Product Promotion Recommendation Medal", "Zhejiang Province Four New Product First Prize" and other honors. Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the manufacturing of concrete machinery and mortar construction machinery. Based on technological innovation, it leverages the advantages of cooperation with German NORD and CELLMANN companies, introduces advanced management concepts and management models, and comprehensively enhances and improves the product quality management system. Follow the comprehensive implementation and effective operation of the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the stability of product quality.

Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.'s products are of high quality and create famous brands that have long been famous at home and abroad. Since the 1970s, the company has introduced German putzmeister and lmer lnternational plunger, extrusion, and screw concrete conveying and mortar spraying technologies. The series of concrete pumps and mortar conveying spraying machine products have continued to expand from the Chinese market to Europe and the United States. Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions and countries, our products serve the world with high-quality and reliable performance, and are highly trusted by users. Product applications are the first to involve UHPC, ECC ultra-high performance and high ductility concrete preparation and lightweight, concrete 3D printing, CCCP trenchless pipelines, box culvert spray repair, viaduct box girder reinforcement and other new fields, and now have an annual output of various Capacity of 12,000 units (sets) of similar mortar conveying spraying machines.

Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. has inherited a history of corporate changes for more than 50 years. It has always adhered to the corporate purpose of "quality creates value, service wins trust" and the business philosophy of "customer-oriented, innovation-driven development" to lead the way. Advanced technology and craftsmanship, and a complete quality management system ensure the high quality and stability of products, improve more reliable services, and work hard to win the trust of customers in China and around the world.

Responsibility and mission

Building Materials Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China JG/T600//2022 <> Participating units and main drafters
Vice President Unit of China Bulk Cement Development Association
Deputy Director Unit of China Bulk Cement Equipment Technical Committee
Vice President Unit of Wenzhou Enterprise Legal Counsel Association
Awarded "Excellent Construction Unit of Talent Workstation" by Wenzhou Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association
China Municipal Engineering Association Pipeline and Trenchless Technology Professional Committee Unit
Vice Chairman Unit of Wenzhou Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association

Qualifications and Honors

RENUMING CE certified unit
Ngwe NGV.GB/T19001-2008idelS09001.2008 certification unit
Awarded by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province to small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises
Awarded by Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau as Wenzhou Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise
Awarded by the China Bulk Cement Association as a unit with outstanding contributions to promoting the green bulk cement industry
China Quality Association User Committee awarded Construction Satisfactory Product Unit
China Bulk Association Ready Mixed Mortar Professional Committee China Bulk Association Equipment Technology Professional Committee awarded the unit with outstanding contribution to the development of green bulk cement industry
China Quality Inspection Association awarded national testing standard product
The Construction Professional Committee of China Interior Decoration Association awarded the top ten innovative technologies in China's mortar industry
Awarded as an advanced member unit by Zhejiang Provincial Bulk Cement and Ready-Mixed Mortar Committee
Awarded as a scientific and technological innovation enterprise by Wenzhou Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association