UHPC and ECC components and construction application sites

Construction site for reinforcement and repair of non excavation box culvert lining by shotcrete

Application site of grouting in wind power generation foundation engineering

Application of Fireproof Mortar in Steel Structure Engineering Construction Site

On site repair of steel furnace, iron water ditch, and inner lining of intermediate ladle by spraying

Construction site for reinforcement and repair of inner lining of elevated bridge box girder

On site application of engineering grouting and grouting construction technology

On site centrifugal spraying mortar technology for pipeline lining

Construction site for high-rise transportation of concrete and mortar

Application site of concrete 3D printing technolog

Construction site for shotcrete reinforcement of foundation pits and slope protection

Inspection well lining centrifugal spraying repair construction site

Application site of wall spraying mortar in construction engineering

Construction site of wall spray coating with cement-based and gypsum based mortar surface layer

Application site of grouting construction for light steel structure building walls

Construction site for spraying waterproof mortar on roofs and basements

Construction site for theme park and artificial landscape construction project

Construction site of self leveling mortar ground