Strive for technological innovation, transformation, and intelligent manufacturing industry

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At the third National Green Industry Development Summit Forum and 2020 Industry Annual Conference held by the China Bulk Cement Association recently, Wenzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was once again awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise in the National Green Industry of Pre mixed Mortar" for this year.

This is another achievement that Wengong has made in the development of pre mixed mortar construction machinery and equipment technology, relying on technological innovation and hard work in an extraordinary year. This is also another gratifying step taken by Wengong in integrating the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Wen Gong has been engaged in the manufacturing of concrete machinery for more than 30 years, focusing on the development of pre mixed mortar construction machinery and equipment technology in the past decade, and has always been a leader in the domestic pre mixed mortar construction machinery industry. Our products have evolved from building wall surface layer mortar spraying and finishing machinery to covering high-rise building mortar conveying technology and equipment, as well as theme park artificial landscape construction machinery and equipment, ground self leveling mortar construction technology and machinery, steel structure building surface layer fireproof and anti-corrosion mortar spraying machinery, and underground pipeline non excavation lining repair technology and machinery in multiple fields of building construction. Change the previous technology that was mainly applicable to cement-based mortar and gypsum based mortar, and now upgrade it to the application of UHPC, ECC ultra-high performance concrete, and high ductility concrete.

Today, China is facing a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and the intelligent manufacturing model characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology is leading the profound transformation of the entire manufacturing industry.

Last year, Wengong cooperated with several universities such as Tongji University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Xi'an Jiaotong University to actively promote the application of 3D printing technology in China. They successively cooperated with well-known domestic robot development giants such as China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, Yingchuang, Omeri, Zhongdi University, Dajie, and Country Garden Robotics Research Institute, successfully developed 3D building engineering, PC components, and non excavation pipeline lining repair robots, and exported them to Russia, resulting in a significant increase in Wengong's domestic and foreign trade production and sales year-on-year last year.

In recent years, Wengong has been deeply cultivating the pre mixed mortar construction machinery industry and closely linking the construction intelligent technology industry chain. Not only does it guard the back end of the industry chain, but it also relies on technological innovation to transform into a driving force for intelligent manufacturing technology, integrating information technology and intelligent manufacturing technology, and striving to run and pursue dreams.

At the beginning of the 14th year of 2021, Wen Gong was full of confidence and hope.

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