The mechanism of bolt free quick assembly and disassembly inspection well repair machine

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The mechanism of bolt free quick assembly and disassembly inspection well repair machine

The bolt free quick assembly and disassembly inspection well lining centrifugal repair machine developed by Wen Gong, equipped with a through type rotary sprayer, has become a hot topic in the domestic municipal drainage pipeline inspection well repair construction industry since its launch in the market. It is flourishing in the market and obviously has many advantages.

The centrifugal repair machine for quick assembly and disassembly of inspection wells without bolts is not only suitable for repairing the lining of municipal engineering drainage pipeline inspection wells, but also suitable for repairing drainage pipeline inspection wells in urban residential areas, green areas, and areas where vehicles cannot enter. The inspection well repair machine consists of four main components: a frame, a micro hoist, a remote control and electric control mechanism, and a through rotary sprayer.

Among them, the through type rotary sprayer is different from the lateral elbow bypass feed rotary sprayer. It has the advantages of smooth input of slurry, accurate positioning of the work center, slurry not visible to the pipe or spray body, simple and convenient cleaning, and its weight is only half of that of the lateral elbow bypass feed rotary sprayer.

This inspection well centrifugal repair machine is easy and fast to install or disassemble, and can be completed in just a few minutes. It can easily move 360 degrees in all directions during operation. After disassembly, it can be collected and stored in a spare corner. The whole machine is not connected by bolts and is fixed by overlapping, which is both solid and not difficult to lock, not only improving work efficiency, but also greatly reducing labor intensity.

When using the inspection well centrifugal repair machine, the machine base is first placed on the ground, and a support rod with a moving brake wheel is inserted. The formed frame is erected. However, the micro winch is overlapped on the machine base, and the rotary sprayer and remote control box are hung on the machine base respectively. The entire machine installation is completed by placing them in their respective positions. The mobile repair machine is placed above the inspection well to place the rotary sprayer in the center of the inspection well, fix the frame, and complete the installation of the machine in just five minutes.

During work, centrifugal spraying is adjusted by the operator holding a remote control. The adjustment range includes the thickness of the inspection well lining spraying, the spraying speed, and achieves superimposed spraying control.

The technical application of the electric direct connection rotary sprayer fusion bolt free quick installation, disassembly, and inspection well lining repair machine is playing an important role in promoting the improvement of CCCP construction technology.

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