With innovative leadership and mature machine spraying technology

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The 2020 World Expo for Asian Concrete (WOCA) opened on December 9th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, marking the first industry exhibition since the pandemic. As a leading domestic mortar construction machinery manufacturing enterprise, Wengong has been specializing in the development and production technology of mortar pumps for more than 30 years, and its portable spraying products have once again appeared at this exhibition.


Noble guests visiting in an endless stream


Under the impact of the COVID-19, the Expo did not see the noise of the past. And with its word-of-mouth and resounding reputation, Wengong has made a significant debut with its powerful products. As before, the booth is still bustling and crowded, with audiences flocking in.


The staff wholeheartedly receives every new and old customer who comes to visit, providing detailed answers and introductions to the product features with skilled professional knowledge and full of enthusiasm.


The three products showcased at this year's exhibition have attracted everyone's attention and interest, even though customers have already recognized them.



Product replacement and renewal





The WG5C gypsum based mortar spraying machine displayed has added a dust suction device on the material bin on the basis of the original structure. To protect the physical and mental health and safety of operators, the problem of operators abandoning their posts due to dust injuries in the past has been solved, promoting the improvement of the construction environment.


In addition, program control and mixing connectors are also installed, and key components use variable speed motors manufactured by NORD company in Germany and D6-3 screw pumps manufactured by PFT company. Integrating external technology, learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses, it is unique and highly favored by both new and old customers.




The JP70 mortar spraying machine on display is equipped with a touch reverse pump function, which improves the wear resistance of the screw pump and extends the working cycle. Add a screw pump isolation mechanism to shorten the installation time of the screw pump, minimize on-site construction delays, reduce labor costs for machine spraying, and promote the promotion and application of machine spraying.




Furthermore, compared with similar imported product models, the JP15 spraying machine displayed has been replaced with an external built-in air compressor, which comprehensively improves the practicality of the machine. At the same time, the mixing body is an independent detachable component, which is extremely convenient to install. It not only provides convenience for cleaning after mechanical use, but also overcomes the difficulty of handling the sticky cavity wall of high viscosity and rapid setting slurry. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction of building waterproofing, fire prevention, and insulation projects, and is more suitable for polyethylene slurry, glass wool insulation materials, and various special polymer mortars.


Agreed to 2021


Wen Gong adheres to the theme of innovation, continuously develops new products, applies new technologies, and achieves complete product functionality, enhanced practicality, and increased added value.


The 2020 Asian Concrete World Expo has come to a successful conclusion.


May we meet you again in 2021.