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  JP90-Z most important feature is that this type is based on JP90, but added with the configuration of high-speed mixed mortar. Horizontal intermittent screw blades are provided in the horizontal stirrer to mix the mortar along the axial radial direction at a certain angle. As the staggered blades are rapidly and violently rotating to produce strong radial flow and axial flow, it enlarges the contact area of the mixing components, reduces the size of micro-particles, enhances the wrapping capacity of the micro-aggregate and mixes totally. Fully sealed design and automatic discharge door can complete the discharging process in an instant. Built-in automatic quantitative sprinkler water supply mechanism can ensure that the mortar is not sticky inside the stirrer. It has a module structure, so that the stirrer and mortar spraying machine are easy to disassemble and conveying.
  Applicable to all kinds of pre-mixed mortar and field mixing mortar, more suitable for spraying the large area of the fabricated steel structure constructions and filling of the insulation mortar.

Technical Parameters
Model JP90-Z
Supply power 380V 50Hz
Motor Power 6.5kW/8kW
Air compressor power 0.9kw
Mixer motor power 3kw
Water pump motor 0.75kw
Mixer volume 200/260L
Hopper volume 160L
Maximum aggregate diameter 6mm
Output 115L/min
Delivery pressure
Horizontal conveying distance 60m
Vertical conveying distance 30m
Net weight 420kg
Dimension (L × W × H)

Standard configuration
Pump unit GL90 3P 380V (220V) 6.5/8kW Motor
German air compressor 400V 3P 250L/min 900W(Or choose an external air compressor) 3P 380V (220V) 0.75kW Water pump
3P 380V (220V) 3kW Mixing motor Aluminum alloy spray gun
φ35mm、φ38mm Mortar hose and quick coupling (optional) φ13mm Air hose and quick coupling

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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