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  JP70/60-L is built on the basis of JP70, we added the cylinder mixer composed of the mixing barrel and the inner curved blade, which can produce a strong radial and axial flow, with larger displacement and circulating flow. The contact area of mixed parts increased, the size of the slurry micrometer reduced, so that the stirring effect is remarkable. It is easy to take apart, easy for delivery. Pressure sealed outlet could ensure that no leakage slurry. It’s applicable to all types of already-mixed mortar and normal mortar.

Technical parameters
Model JP70/60-L
Supply power 380V 50Hz
Motor power 4.5kw/5.5kw(Continuously variable Motor optional)
Air compressor power 0.9kw
Maximum aggregate diameter 6mm
Output 70L/min   60L/min
Delivery pressure 30bar
Horizontal conveying distance 60m
Vertical conveying distance 30m
Mixer motor power 1.1kw
Mixer volume 160L
Hopper volume 100L
Net weight 350kg
Dimension (L × W × H) 2040mm×680mm×1270mm

Standard configuration 
Pump unit GL70/GL60 (2L6) Shock proof pressure gauge assembly YN60-6MPa
3P 380V (220V) 4.5/5.5kW Motor, Continuously variable Motor optional
German air compressor 400V 3P 250L / min 900W
Aluminum alloy spray gun 3P 380V (220V) 3kW Mixing motor
Integrated control box  Tool box 
Φ35mm, φ38mm Mortar hose and quick coupling (optional) Φ13mm Air hose and quick coupling

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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