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  BSR40-14-61 has the characteristics same as high-rise mortar pump. The main feature is the usage of internal combustion engine. Hydraulic system uses three pump, three-loop hydraulic system, the main pump oil-way and S valve swing oil-way are independent from each other, with high reliability. The main pump oil-way reversing adopts the usage of the main control valve external control pilot decompression control, to avoid the commutation impact, so that the main pump road getting more reliable and smooth. Pumping hydraulic system has safety overflow protection, at the same time, the main pump also has the function when the system is overpressure, the pump pressure will automatically cut off the closure device, to make main pump to obtain multi-level reliable protection. Swing oil pump with constant pressure pump, swing power, but also with energy-saving features. All pipes are tapered or imported rectangular seal, pipe joints are sealed and reliable.

Technical parameters
Model BSR40-14-61
Output 25/40m3/h
Delivery pressure 14/8Mpa
Distribution valve form S Tube valve
Concrete cylinder ID x Stroke Φ140×1000mm
Concrete slump 12-23l
Hopper capacity 0.5l
Feeding height 1200mm
Conveying distance 600m(Horizontal),  150m(Vertical)
Diesel power 61.6HP
Hydraulic oil model Antiwear YB-N46/68
Feeding mode The tank truck automatically loads
Hydraulic path form Open circuit
Hydraulic tank volume 350L
Maximum aggregate diameter ≤30mm
Pipe diameter Φ100mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 4450×1680×1950mm
Net weight 3050kg
Drag speed ≤8km/h

Standard configuration
Conveying steel pipe 80A×3M×31   80A×2M×1   80A×1M×2
Steel reducer pipe 125A-100A×1M×1   100A-80A×1M×2
Elbow 125A×900×2   80A×900×6   80A×450×4
igh pressure rubber tube Ø83×6M×3
Pipe strap 125A×4   100A×2   80A×50
Rubber flange gasket
125A×10   100A×10   80A×100
Remote control

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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