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Product Description


BJZ type horizontal forced mixer is characterized by the fact that the height of the whole machine can be raised and lowered, and it can be moved or fixed. The mixing component is composed of an adjustable coulter mixing blade, a mixing arm and a driving rectangular shaft. The mixing blades are intermittently distributed in alternating helical lines along the axial direction. When running, the plow is the force-bearing surface and can fully separate the clumps. The material is dispersed and the cohesive material is sheared. Due to the rapid and violent flipping, squeezing and throwing of the staggered mixing blades, strong axial flow and radial flow are generated, which enhances the wrapping of the particulate aggregate and achieves full mixing. In combination, BJZ is equipped with a guide trough that can be moved left and right and adjusted in height, which expands the scope of use of the machine and enables feeding materials far away from the machine and easily removing the guide trough and placing materials directly at the discharge port. materials to adapt to different environmental conditions.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply

380V 50HZ

Structure type

Horizontal forced

Stirring power


Silo capacity


Mixing capacity


Stirring speed


Total Weigh