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Product Description


JP90 type, JP110 type large-displacement mortar pump and spraying machine, and JP250 type extra-large-displacement mortar pump and spraying machine are all products introduced by Wen Gong in the 1990s using German PUTZMEISTER technology for large-displacement spraying mortar and pressure grouting. Mechanical, with high efficiency in mortar transportation and spraying, long pumping distance, high pumping pressure, easy to pump mortar containing large particle size aggregates, suitable for all types of ready-mixed mortar or ready-mixed mortar, used in building surface layers Spraying, light steel building integrated wall filling grouting, concrete 3D printing, theme park landscape engineering decoration, heavy steel building fireproof mortar spraying, road bridge and slope protection reinforcement grouting, large-area self-leveling ground construction, also used in wind power generation, steel metallurgy Construction and maintenance of facilities in other industries.
The JP90, JP110 and JP250 large-displacement mortar pumps and sprayers are unique and have many advantages:
The main motor of the screw pump is provided by the German NORD company (variable speed motor, stepless mechanical variable speed motor). The biggest feature of this motor is that the motor efficiency and power factor are both internationally advanced indicators. In addition, according to user needs, domestic high-quality servo motors, Y2 series asynchronous motors, and internal combustion engines are selected as the prime mover.
The supporting main motor transmission is divided into mechanical stepless transmission, frequency modulation, and winding technologies to choose from. The common features of the reducers are high-strength gear combinations, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, reinforced radial and axial output bearings, and high-precision sealing. device.
The stator (also known as rubber sleeve) of the screw pump is made of polymer materials combined with pure natural rubber. It has passed the infrared spectrum comparison comprehensive test (analysis report document) by the Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University (National Rubber Material Testing Unit) No.: Northwestern Polytechnical University NO: F2013022), it was concluded that the rubber material of the screw pump stator is similar to that of similar foreign products.
The machine is equipped with a unique screw pump (rotor, stator) that allows you to instantly load and unload guide rails on site, update and disassemble the screw pump (rotor, stator), and there is no need to be cumbersome or overwhelmed.
Unique drive shaft design: The main shaft is made of high-strength hexagonal steel that resists bending and torsion, and is equipped with intermittent spiral plates (different from winding spiral belts). Both ends are equipped with high-strength stainless steel cross-joints formed by pressure precision casting, which not only has good alignment It has a transmission function and can repeatedly stir the slurry twice to ensure that the mortar in the silo does not segregate, precipitate, or bleed, and improves the thixotropy of the mortar.
The nozzle (pressure gauge seat) is made of high-strength stainless steel pressure precision casting. It is not only wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, but also has a smooth inner cavity to reduce the resistance of the slurry passing through, ensuring no slurry and smooth discharge.
The special driving assembly sealing mechanism (Patent Certificate No. 2602800) includes multi-stage adjustable sealing rings, double combined sealing rings, moving water retaining rings, and drainage channels, thereby ensuring that the drive variable speed motor is not subject to slurry penetration and the transmission gear is not subject to destroy.
Unique anti-wear technology for electronically controlled screw pumps (stators and rotors). In order to avoid excessive wear of the machine during operation and improve its anti-wear capabilities, an anti-wear limit mechanism is set up to effectively extend the service life of the screw pump.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply

380V 50HZ



Delivery pressure


Pumping distance


Pumping heigh


Main motor power

18.5 KW

Hopper capacity










Maximum particle size