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Product Description

Wengong's underground box culvert and highway viaduct box girder lining lining non-excavation spraying reinforcement and repair equipment is a nationally authorized patented product. It consists of a mortar sprayer and a mortar mixer that directly enter the inside of the box culvert or box girder through the box culvert or box girder inspection well. Their common features are that the structure is light and can be transported manually, and the mixing volume and spraying displacement are consistent with conventional models. The work efficiency is high, the unloading and transportation are simple, and the lifting tools are required to realize the non-excavation repair of box culverts and overcome the problems of highway boxes. Difficulties in strengthening and repairing beam inner walls.


The upper part of XB70 is equipped with an attachment wheel and the lower part is equipped with a moving wheel for the whole machine. The mixing body is equipped with inwardly curved mixing blades to form a multi-dimensional spatial structure. The mixing mortar can produce strong radial flow and axial flow, forming a multi-flow staggered Circulating vortex, the contact surface between the mixed components is large, the size of the slurry micelles is reduced, the aggregate wrapping is significantly improved, the mixing is sufficient, the whole machine is small in appearance, light in weight, and can directly enter the interior of box culverts, box beams, and inspection wells Perform lining reinforcement and spray repair construction.

Technical Parameters:

Motor Power


Silo capacity


Mixing capacity


Stirring speed